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Example Paperwork

Stage Managing Philosophy

My stage management philosophy is simple. Be prepared, proactive, dependable, and confident. A good stage manager must be prepared for anything and everything that could happen onstage and off. Anything from spike tape to bandaids, extra phone chargers to a pile of pencils can be used by a stage manager or anyone that a stage manager will interact with. Even though a stage manager isn't able to see into the future they need to be able to be proactive and predict what possible outcomes are to actions. The company needs to be able to depend on the stage manager to have everything prepared and ready to lead. No one should wonder where the stage manager is or when the stage manager will get there. 

My approach to stage management starts with the script. In order to be good at my job I need to be able to fully understand and know the script backwards and forwards. Doing this helps to make blocking notes as well as being able to keep an eye on what is happening on stage instead of having my nose in the book. I enjoy the challenges that arise throughout the whole process that the stage manager is involved in and continue to meet any challenge that may come my way.

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