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Salvation Road

A premiere London performance, Salvation Road is an emotion-stirring drama that left audiences questioning how you save someone who doesn’t want to be saved. All ticket proceeds from this show were forwarded to Crosslight Advice, an independent charity, which works to combat poverty and hardship caused by the burden of unmanageable debt and lack of financial capability.


Cliff — Nick Winkler

Jill — Arielle Miagkov

Denise — Ahnika Lexvold

Brian Duffy —Ryan Krewer

Elijah — John Nickole Huevos

Sister Jean — Anna Dale

Rebecca/Ensemble — Marlee Ressa

Simi/Ensemble — Amanda Pohlman

Melanie/Rachel/Ensemble — Hanna Hagberg

Patti/Sarah/Ensemble — Julia Kirk

Karl/Jacob/Tank/Ensemble — Billy Scannell

Production Staff

Director — Dr. Gary Diomandes

Assistant Director — Arielle Miagkov

Music Director/Arranger — Julia Kirk

Stage Manager — Jennifer Honsa

Dramaturg — John Nickole Huevos

Scene Design — Jennifer Honsa

Costume Design — Ahnika Lexvold

Lighting Design — Billy Scannell

Properties Manager — Nick Winkler

Sound Design and Sound Op. — Cory Piper

Lighting Op. — Jennifer Honsa

Photography by Gary Diomandes and Jennifer Honsa

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