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Georgie & Gadget

Georgie and Gadget is an exciting new piece of theatre that discusses the importance of being yourself and doing what you love. Produced by the MA Collaborative Theatre Production and Design students at Guildhall School in collaboration with Little Angel Theatre. This heart-warming and uplifting story is told through puppetry made from sustainable materials combined with the use of music.

Georgie and Gadget is a children’s puppet show that explores the themes of identity, girls in STEM, and inclusivity. The show centers around Georgie, a young inventor, making a robot named Gadget. Together they find out what Gadget’s favorite thing is, whilst learning about themselves and each other along the way.



Performers: Samantha Fox, Jennifer Honsa, Caelan Oram and Hazuki Mogan

Devised By The 2021-2022 Guildhall MACTPD Cohort

Director - Samantha Fox

Lighting and Sound Design - Max Juan-Balch

Music Composition - Hazuki Mogan

Set and Puppet Design - Yifei He, Lu Herbert

Production Manager - Carrie Croft, April Johnson

Stage Manager - Emily Dickson

Technical Operator - Max Juan-Balch

Photography by Lu Herbert

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