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“There’s a breathless hush on the freeway tonight,” the opening line from Lawrence Ferlinghetti’s poem “Wild Dreams of A New Beginning”, monumentally captivated the writing team in our initial process. From it, we found the opening line of our own work and the foundation through which we sought to instill a sense of mystery and transportive exploration into our entire production. Residue evolved from a short brief to create a project about dreams, in any sense of the word, and has since become a piece of theatre that explores the experience of various sleeping dream states and the lingering feelings that they leave with us upon waking. As a product of collaborative creation from the multidisciplinary backgrounds that form this year’s MA CTPD program, Residue has organically become a communal reflection of the dreams and sensations that we all might experience and is brought to life through a collage of short, vivid scenes from a creative palette that encapsulates numerous individual experiences, it sparks a series of honest, beautiful, relatable moments that will resonate in some way with everyone who watches it.

Cast: Matías Carbonetti,​ ​​Emily Dickson, ​Theano Papadaki

Devised By The 2021-2022 Guildhall MACTPD Cohort

Written by Samantha Fox, Emily Dickson, and Carrie Croft

Director - Samantha Fox

Lighting Design - Max Juan-Balch, Yifei He, Hazuki Mogan

Sound Design - Hazuki Mogan

Set and Costume Design - Lu Herbert

Construction - Jennifer Honsa

Production Manager - Emily Dickson

Stage Manager - Carrie Croft

Deputy Stage Manager - April Johnson

Lighting/Sound Programmer and Operator - Caelan Oram

Photography by Marc Usher.

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